Welcome to Church St. Garage, where every visit is a journey into warmth and community.

As a cherished family-run establishment nestled in the heart of the vibrant Village on Church St, we’ve been creating memorable experiences since March 20th, 2013.

Established March 20th 2013

Picture yourself in a place where the walls tell stories – our iconic License Plate Wall narrates tales from all corners of the world.

Each visit unfolds like a chapter, marked by shared laughter and the clinking of glasses.

At Church St. Garage, we transcend the ordinary. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner – we’ve crafted a menu that’s a testament to diversity, quality, and flavor.

Our commitment to excellence isn’t just in our dishes but in the way we serve you. It’s this winning combination that makes us the go-to spot in the Church community, a place where every meal is an event.

Join us any day of the week and discover the magic of Church St. Garage – where good food meets great company.

Your seat at our table is waiting, and there’s an event unfolding every day, ensuring there’s always something exciting happening in our home away from home. Cheers to making memories together!